REVIEW: 6V Hummer H2 Kids Ride On Jeep Car Toy … Big Fun for Young Children

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We’re no longer recommending this kids Hummer H2 ride on toy jeep car on the basis other 6V ride on toys for young children represent better value, performance and quality (reliability / durability) after considering additional buyer feedback and reviewing other product offerings. Unless a Hummer is a must, check out the 6V Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 ride on truck<<--CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Kids Hummer H2 Ride On Toy Car, Right Size For Young Children

We often get asked “… where can I buy a two seater Hummer ride on toy for my kids? ” The short answer is good luck! Perennial top selling officially licensed two seater Hummer H2 ride ons for children are discontinued and risking your money buying a cheap, inferior knock-off isn’t a wise choice. Consequently, the one seater model has become increasingly popular like this officially licensed 6V battery operated kids Hummer H2 ride on toy.

Specifications & Features:

  • Age range: 3 to 6 years old
  • Colors available: yellow and pink
  • One hour continuous driving time on full charge
  • Two speeds: 1.5 and 2.4 mph
  • High speed lock-out option until your little driver is ready
  • Forward and reverse gears for ease of maneuvering
  • Chrome bumper for enhanced realism
  • Horn sounds your child will love
  • Dimensions: 37.4″H x25″W x20.5″D
  • Light weight at 27 lbs

The 66 pounds weight limit, makes this Hummer H2 ride on jeep car toy the perfect “first” battery powered ride on toy for any toddler or young boy or girl.

Officially Licensed Realism and Fun Rolled Into One

This “sit-in” style battery operated Hummer H2 ride on car for kids is designed with realism in mind. The molding is more real-world accurate than other ride on jeep type vehicles which keeps the attention of young tykes (girls and boys). High-accuracy die-cut graphics in flashy attention-grabbing colors, unlike cheap knock-off products, and realistic chrome bumper, authentic horn noises and simulated hood latch will keep young children engaged for hours of inventive play.

While National Products produces a cute 6V pink H2 Hummer for girls option – CLICK HERE for more information, this electric Hummer H2 ride on vehicle sports the distinct official Hummer yellow color and is gender neutral so either a young boy or girl will love it.

What Makes This Ride On Hummer The Right One?

Other battery powered kids ride on toy Hummers – the two seater model – can be a little large or too powerful for younger children. This one is just the right size for a little boy or girl, even toddlers.

The top speed on this Hummer ride on car is just 2.4 mph. For added beginner driver or child safety there’s a high-speed lock out feature to limit the speed to 1.5 mph. When buying one of these electric ride on cars, keep in mind that 6V children’s motorized Hummer ride ons come with some limitations you might expect from a ride on with a smaller less powerful battery.

What Are Buyers Saying?

Some buyers have reported minor traction issues and larger children will have more difficulty playing with this electric riding toy due to size and weight restrictions. Also, the stock battery can run down somewhat quickly. Some purchasers have opted to buy a third party 6 volt battery (roughly $30) and install it instead of the stock one that comes with this particular jeep styled Hummer H2 ride on car.

Pros and cons considered, if you’re looking for a “first” electric powered ride on Hummer H2 for your little boy or girl, this model from National Products is an affordable option.

Is A “Sit-On” Hummer Your Ride of Choice?

A great option is the officially licensed children’s “sit-on-and-ride” style Hummer H3 powered riding toy – CLICK HERE for more info. This Hummer ride on vehicle comes with special over sized wheels adding extra stability for the young rider or toddler.


When it comes to electric ride on cars for kids and in particular Hummer H2 ride on models, this 6V single seater National Products Yellow Hummer is an option for a beginner motorized ride on and motoring fun ranging from a toddler to little tyke to young child.

Available from Amazon, the PROS and CONS of this cool and classy looking kids Hummer H2 powered riding toy are as follows:


  • equipped with high speed lock-out option
  • built small and slow for young drivers
  • officially licensed by Hummer and authentic stylings, colors
  • inspiration for hours of playtime and cruisin’ fun
  • ideal size to transport in a van or SUV to the park unlike other Hummer ride on vehicles that are too large and much heavier
  • lightweight—just 27 pounds
  • eligible for FREE SHIPPING with convenient delivery to your door


  • battery life longevity becomes an issue with larger/heavier riders and feedback suggests more problematic on average than other ride on toy brands
  • more traction issues reported than other branded ride on toy models. Even minor inclines can be a challenge in some cases
  • your little driver won’t want to park this fun machine for bedtime

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Happy riding!

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