REVIEW: 6V Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Ride On Car – Best Kids Toy for CARS 3 Lovers?

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battery powered 6V childrens Fisher Price Power Wheels Lightning McQueen ride on toy car vehicle for kids Pixar Disney movie Cars 3. NASCAR style powered ride on toy race cars has authentic colors, designs, logo of Disney CARS 3 Lightning McQueen character winning the Piston Cup race.

Kids LOVE Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Ride on Car Toys

ATTENTION Disney Cars lovers .. HE’S BACK! Lightning McQueen is back in Disney Cars 3!! These updated 6 volt battery operated kids Fisher Price Power Wheels Lightning McQueen ride on car toy vehicles from Disney Cars 3 will be a huge hit. The flashy red color, blazing Piston Cup logo and # 95 instantly identify this engaging and cool NASCAR styled kids ride on toy Lightning McQueen race car by Fisher Price as the blockbuster movie series hero.

Imagine… your little tyke, boy or girl, reenacting scenes from Cars 3, 2 or 1 or racing around the yard in this single seater 6V battery powered talking Power Wheels Lightning McQueen ride on car for kids … grinning ear to ear. Review below what this cool Disney Cars ride on toy racing car is all about.

Features & Specifications

  • Age range: 36 months – 7 years old
  • Color: red with racing decals
  • 3 sound modes with cool racing sound effects
  • McQueen talks to you with actual voice phrases from movie (English/Spanish)
  • Authentic looking rear spoiler
  • 6 volt battery power system
  • Speed of up to 3.5 mph
  • Goes in forward and reverse
  • Officially licensed product, not some “similar” knock off
  • Weight: 56 pounds

Not only are these flashy battery Disney Cars ride on toy vehicles styled to look exactly like Lightning McQueen from the movie, it talks. These cool talking Power Wheels Lightning McQueen kids ride on cars by Fisher Price come fully equipped with sound clips from the movie. Lightning McQueen himself will give your riders a piece of his mind and help them learn the rules of the road when it comes to playtime racing.

Thanks Grandma For My Power Wheels McQueen Ride On Car

Watch this Power Wheels Lightning McQueen kids ride on car YouTube video to see how this little future NASCAR race car star rips it up after getting this motorized Power Wheels Disney Lightning McQueen ride on race car for kids from Grandma. He’s still doing laps with no end in sight. (kudos to Dad for great music and sounds effects in the video!) NOTE – video shows original model from first Cars movie but function wise same as updated Cars 3 model reviewed.

Just Like on the Road, Safety Always Comes First

These kids power riding toys are designed for younger drivers (36 months to 7 years) with a top speed of 3.5 mph. You won’t have to worry about them zooming out of site when they get wrapped up in all the fun they’re having with their new best toy (and new best friend?).

This motorized Fisher Price McQueen race car ride on toy goes in forward and reverse direction as your little tyke or race car driver needs to get in on the action or out or trouble. As a key safety measure, these McQueen powered ride on cars for young children and NASCAR fans come equipped with working Power Lock power-assisted brakes for quick and safe stopping.

The 6 volt battery and electric motor system propels this Lightning McQueen riding toy for young kids across pavement (their “NASCAR racetrack”), gravel, and even grass without bogging down. The battery typically has enough juice to keep this race car going for up to 3 hours at a time.

Trust Fisher Price’s Power Wheels … #1 Brand For A Reason

There’s no other name in the toy industry more trusted than Fisher Price. With this kids toy ride on car, you don’t have to worry about buying a cheap Disney Cars ride on car toy knock-off from a no-name company and having the “car” quit working and idle in the pits after only weeks or months out of box.

You can take comfort knowing that Fisher Price’s Power Wheels brand is the #1 battery powered ride-on (BPRO) brand in the industry and over the past 30 years 25 million plus childrens ride on vehicles have been “put on the road”. Talk about “track record” … no pun intended there McQueen.

Lil’ Lightning McQueen Ride On Car Vehicle For Toddlers?

Think this motorized McQueen riding car too big or hard to handle for your little child or toddler? Good news, there’s a smaller version – Power Wheels Lil’ Lightning McQueen Racing Car – CLICK HERE for more information about this specially designed 6V car ride on toy for toddlers aged 12-36 months.

From A Discerning Parent …. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

When it comes to childrens electric ride on toy cars, this Disney Cars 3 movie inspired talking Lightning McQueen riding toy car vehicle for kids is a clear winner and every NASCAR race car driver’s dream starts somewhere!

Available at Amazon, the PROS and CONS of this sporty Disney Cars 3 McQueen riding toy for children are:


  • rigorous safety testing and Power Wheels quality construction
  • minimal and easy assembly
  • Power Lock braking system for additional safety of beginner drivers
  • updated cool Cars 3 racing graphics to hold your young one’s (and everyone else’s) attention
  • officially licensed product not a cheap “similar” knock-off and will last years not months
  • included charger plugs into a standard wall socket making charging easy
  • peace of mind purchasing available below from the world’s preferred online merchant


  • powering with a 12V battery (more typical for a ride on of this size) versus the 6V used would have provided a little more “racing zip” (to max of 5 mph vs. 3.5 mph)
  • first time charge takes a full day (18 hours) before “race” ready
  • your little NASCAR race car driver might not want to come on in off the track for dinner!

For your convenience & savings, buy today below for the best discount sale prices at Amazon.

Where Should I Buy … and How Much Should I Pay?

You can often buy this NASCAR styled Power Wheels McQueen ride on race car toy for less than U$250 on sale at Amazon as it has the best discount or sale prices but availability varies due to high demand.

If not in a rush to buy and currently priced more than U$250, save the item in your Amazon cart & check back until a better price is available. However, as this item is very popular don’t wait until last minute to order for that birthday, Christmas or special occasion to ensure availability. Also allow for a full day of charging before its first use to avoid disappointment of your special driver being “grounded in the pits”.

These engaging & top selling kids Power Wheels Fisher Price Lightning McQueen race car ride on toy vehicles are the real deal & doesn’t get any better for a Disney Cars ride on car for kids – little tykes & young children, boys and girls alike.

Happy Riding!


  1. Hey there! this looks great! It looks so much fun!! I wonder, do they have these with the girl character from Cars too? I think that was a porsche. That would be great!

    • DC Swetlow says:

      Hello Melissa … fun for sure! Wish the cool CARS ride ons were around when I was a kid.

      You are referring to Sally Carrera the sky blue Porsche. To my knowledge they don’t have a battery powered ride on car specific to her character. I totally agree … would make for a great addition to the lineup.