REVIEW: 12V Battery Powered Kids Power Wheels Racing Mustang Ride On Toy Cars by Fisher Price … Vvrroom!

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Exciting candy apple red kids Power Wheels Ford Mustang ride on car toy vehicle by Fisher Price. Fun 12V battery powered kids Mustang riding toys for both boys and girls.

Fisher Price Power Wheels Mustang ride on cars for kids

Kids Power Wheels Ford Mustang Ride On Car Toy Rocks

Though this 12 volt battery powered Ford Power Wheels Mustang ride on car toy for kids by Fisher Price is marketed with boys in mind, you think young girls (maybe their mothers too) wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel of this gleaming candy apple or fire engine red kids Mustang ride on vehicle?

Get your young girl or boy “on the road” in these cool Power Wheels Fisher Price kids Mustang ride on toys. These 12V BPRO cars have the “juice” to haul your children up to 5 mph (2.5 mph in reverse).


  • Amazon buyers rating 4.6 of 5 stars
  • Age range:  8 years and up
  • licensed product with official stylings
  • engine sound effects and light up dash “gauges”
  • 12 volt power system, premium 2 seater model
  • adjustable seat allows many years of fun with your growing tykes
  • high-speed lockout feature for beginner drivers
  • Power Lock brakes for added safety
  • battery charge indicator advises “how full the tank is”
  • Vehicle weight:  72.6 pounds

Kids Mustang Ride On Car Latest Stylings Like The “Real Deal”

Styled to look and feel like Ford’s epic race car, your young kid drivers (boy or girl) will love the details in this Power Wheels Mustang electric ride on car for kids. The exterior is Mustang classic high-gloss red.

The trademark silver pony on the honeycomb grill and the fake-aluminum rims will make your young one feel like they are rolling with the “big boys” or have one just like Mom or Dad. The interior and dashboard are crafted to emulate realism with gauges, buttons, knobs, and even a fake GPS unit. 

There’s also adjustable play seat belts, a cool lighted noise box featuring engine and tire sounds made to look like a stereo system as well as a horn. In the kids Power Wheels Mustang car YouTube video above you can see the attention to detail of this impressive kids Mustang ride on car.

Safety Features That Parents Will Appreciate

Safety features include the high speed lockout, enabling locking out the higher speed setting to limit your young racers cruising to 2.5 mph.  When they’ve passed “driver training”,  you can remove the lockout on 5 mph cruising.  This Fisher Price Mustang car ride on vehicle is also equipped with Power Lock brakes.  Always supervise your children while they’re playing with kids power riding toys.

Under The Hood Of The Fisher Price Mustang For Kids

This is one of Fisher Prices’ deluxe 2 seater kids ride on toy cars.  “Under the hood” these Power Wheels red Mustang powered ride on toys for kids are designed for a long life of hard usage.  The electric motor has been designed with double brush contacts to propel the car (and two passengers) easily – on generally level terrain – over asphalt, gravel, and even grass without a problem.

This impressionable 12 volt electric battery powered Fisher Price Ford Mustang ride on car comes with a charger that plugs into a standard electrical socket allowing for easy recharge. The battery generally lasts for up to 2 hours of racing (driving playtime) per charge.

Kids Power Wheels Mustang – Burnouts Of A Different Kind?

Like most riding toys, this Fisher Price Ford Mustang ride on toy car vehicle has hard plastic wheels. Spinning tires could occur over time on certain surfaces or grades if too wet.  

However, the extent of this issue ranges from none to some between different users and can generally be rectified easily and quickly by changing course of travel direction.  Some people buy traction bands to cover the plastic wheels to improve traction, but it’s not necessary.

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A Discerning Parent Reveals …. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW


When it comes to electric riding toy cars for kids, if you choose to buy a Power Wheels Fisher Price Ford Mustang ride on car toy for your kids, you can’t go wrong. Both you and your rider will be happy for years to come.

This sporty kids Mustang ride on car is available online from Amazon.


  • safe & durable
  • “kid tested” by Fisher Price’s product team
  • will deliver hours & hours of wide-eyed fun & excitement for your child
  • 2 speeds & high speed lockout for additional safety of beginner drivers
  • good value for money, highly rated & recommended by parents & tykes alike
  • no time consuming assembly, typically 1 hour
  • purchasing below from reputable online merchant Amazon delivers “peace of mind”
  • FREE SHIPPING available


  • nothing of significance noted
  • potentially minor traction issues once in awhile on sloped or wet terrain but easily resolved with changing travel direction
  • sharing this sporty racer & your little driver won’t want to park it at night

GET ONE TODAY – secure sale pricing & FREE SHIPPING ….. your children will love it (and you)!

Check out these sporty racing Ford Power Wheels Mustang ride on cars by Fisher Price.

Get peace of mind by buying one of these cool red Ford Mustang riding toys today to avoid potentially missing out on giving that perfect birthday or Christmas gift to your little driver or NASCAR racer. Little drivers … start your engines and let the “racing” begin!

Happy riding!

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