All Aboard! … Let’s Take A Ride On The Fisher Price Thomas Tank Engine Train By Power Wheels

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Fisher Price Power Wheels Thomas Ride On Trains – A Toddlers Dream

Is your toddler boy or girl one of the millions of Thomas the Train fans? Would he or she like to ride along with Thomas the Tank Engine? Bet you can see the smiles and already hear the laughter of your children! The 6 volt Fisher Price Power Wheels Thomas the Tank Engine Ride on Train for toddlers and tykes is a specially designed and “kid tested” battery powered riding toy that will certainly thrill any and all Thomas fans. Let’s review and compare the impressive product features and specs on this authentically replicated Thomas the Train ride on toy …

Kids Fisher Price Power Wheels Toddler Thomas Tank Engine Ride On Train for Toddlers

Toddler Thomas Tank Engine Ride On Train ... All Board!!

Features and Specifications:

  • high Amazon rating: 4.6 of 5 stars
  • Age range: 1 year to 3 years old
  • 6V power, speed up to 2 mph
  • Official Thomas graphics, colors and stylings are familiar and immediately capture and keep the youngster’s interest
  • Easy to use push button operation on steering handle
  • Steering handle design makes for easy gradual turning
  • Single direction – forward only
  • Sideboard foot rests, easy getting on and off
  • Unlimited mobility without a track
  • 1 year limited Bumper-to-Bumper warranty

Fine Details Just Like The Real Thomas

Your little tykes will understand the thrill of driving as they chug along on this kids Thomas the Tank Engine ride on toy train. Great attention to detail has gone into the creation of this amazing little 6V toy train ride on vehicle, and you can clearly see it from the “Thomas” face to the authentic graphics and colors all the way to the simulated coal pile. It has been designed for toddlers and features easy push-button operation and sideboard footrests that allow for ease in getting on and off this toddlers Thomas toy ride on train.

Ride in Style … Plus Go Anywhere Without the Need for Tracks

This battery powered Thomas and Friends kids ride on train toy drives up to 2 mph on grass and hard surfaces in forward direction only with a push-button operation for a simple stop upon release. Your little rider can ride comfortably, safely and securely in the contoured, high-back seat. They will ride in signature Thomas and Friends styling!

An advantage of this ride on Thomas train is its unlimited mobility. Unlike many other ride on train sets, tracks are not required and use is not limited to your child just going around and around and around and around  in circles (oops … got dizzy there). This benefit has led to this model becoming one of Amazon’s best selling toddler ride on vehicles of all powered riding toys age categories. For toddler ride on trains with track options, read on below.

A Critical Design Consideration So Toddler Riders Don’t Get Bored

When purchasing battery powered ride on toy trains for toddlers or little tykes, many parents don’t realize that for this common style of children’s “sit-on” ride on train vehicles the continuous pressing of a button by the rider is required to keep it moving. Parent feedback is that it is difficult to teach a young child to keep their hand or finger on the button for any length of time leading to interrupted riding and frustration for the child. Fortunately the Fisher Price toy designers got it right with this tykes’ Power Wheels Price Thomas ride on train model.

The location of the on / off switch is on the backside of the handle underneath where the little boy or girl riding would naturally grip on the steering handle making it easier to hold down. Consequently, potentially awkward positioning of the child’s hand is not required like it is for the RC2 Toys’ (Learning Curve) Thomas and Friends battery operated Track Rider model.

On the RC2 Track Rider train, the tyke is required to effectively reach over the top with their fingers and hold buttons down continuously and feedback by many has been this requires significant finger strength most little kids don’t naturally have at that age. However, you won’t have to worry about this issue at all if you buy the highly rated Fisher Price Power Wheels Thomas Tank Engine ride on train featured in this review.

Head Outdoors With This Thomas Train

“Little Engines can do big things” so says the little engine that could. While your “little engines” will want to ride their little train ride on toys all over the house, this engine riding toy is recommended for outdoors use. Of course, you will need to supervise these little riders to ensure their safety as they play with their battery operated train riding toy. The 6 volt battery and charger are part of the package. See below if you are looking for an indoor electric children’s ride on train and track.

Imagine the delight that you will see in the faces of your children as they chug along on their Thomas the Train ride on toy! Can you hear the squeals of joy and see the sparkle in their little eyes as they ride up and down the driveway or sidewalk? Can you feel your own heart swell with pride as you watch them? Such are the memories that are possible for you and your toddler, tyke or grandchild with this premium and ultra realistic Fisher Price Thomas ride on train toy. It is hard to resist buying this one.

Sights Set On A Ride On Train With Tracks?

If you want to buy a battery ride on train and track, a top quality and great alternative is the Peg Perego Choo Choo Express train ride on toy with track and electronic sound effects which can be used indoors or out (on hard surfaces). This train set comes with 12 curved track pieces from which a 76′ round track can be built, but the Choo Choo Express battery operated ride on train for kids by Peg Perego is not limited to use on a track.

A “figure 8” conversion track is also available separately to add more configuration options and fun. Manual steering of the train engine  by your little engineer is not required when used on tracks. The different positioning of the power switch for Choo Choo Express ride on toy trains also makes for easier operation than the RC2 Toys’ / Learning Curve Thomas and Friends battery operated Track Rider with tracks model mentioned.

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From A Discerning Parent …. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

When it comes to buy electric ride on toy trains for toddlers and more specifically a Thomas ride on, this battery powered 6V riding toy train is both a cute and sound choice. You really can’t go wrong with this motorized Thomas the Train riding toy.

Available here from Amazon the preferred and most trusted online merchant, the PROS and CONS of this fun and authentic Fisher Price Thomas the Train ride on train toy are as follows:


  • maximum flexibility and unlimited mobility as its use is not dependent on a track
  • safe, durable construction and designed with toddlers in mind
  • smart power on/off switch location design addresses rider frustration with other ride on toy trains
  • this Top Seller will deliver countless hours of wide-eyed excitement for your toddler or grandkid
  • good value for money, highly rated by parents and loved dearly by the little ones
  • buying at Amazon will give you peace of mind and hassle free customer service
  • convenient order delivery direct to you door and also check for free shipping


  • nothing of significance noted for these train riding toys
  • if minor traction issues are encountered on certain wet sloped surfaces outdoors, this can be easily rectified by adjusting approach angle
  • your little tyke engineer won’t want to park it for a nap or bedtime at night!

Secure the best sale discount prices and get convenient delivery direct to your door. Your little tyke will love it (and you)! Don’t take the chance of missing out giving that perfect birthday, Christmas or special gift to your son, daughter, grandchild or special little engineer.

This Power Wheels Thomas the Tank Ride On Train is a Top Seller battery ride on for toddler aged children. In addition to Amazon, this children’s train ride on toy is also available through popular A+ BBB rated online merchant Wayfarer. And if a kids ride on train with a track is on your must have buy list, the Peg Perego train ride on Choo Choo Express is highly recommended – refer to the link above to purchase the Choo Choo train ride toy with ease, convenience and peace of mind.

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If there is information you didn’t find on the website or you are interested in other powered riding toys for your toddlers or tykes and would like a review, let me know below or via “Contact Us”. Alternatively, feel free to search above or below on Amazon for the toddler ride on toy of your choice.

Happy riding!


  1. David Charles says:

    The on switch location tip above is a really great one … not something I nor probably most people would think about until after the riding toy is unpacked and then having your little one’s excitement turn to frustration.

    Consequently with your guidance we picked this model. It was a piece of cake to order through your website too which we really appreciated. One less item to run around for now!