Kids Power Wheels Ford F150 Truck Pickup … Dominate With “Monster Traction”

| 04/11/2010 | 2 Comments

Power Wheels Ford F150 Truck Conquers Key Ride On Issue

Looking for a kids electric ride on truck? Traction problems should be your primary concern. But you won’t have to worry about your child or little tyke getting frustrated with this motorized 2 seater 12V kids Power Wheels Ford F150 electric truck ride on by Fisher Price with “Monster Traction” as it will go anywhere and easily.

Let’s review the specs and benefits of the other great features this black Ford F150 Power Wheels battery powered pickup truck ride on toy offers and makes this kids electric ride on vehicle a Top Seller.

Kids Power Wheels Ford F150 ride on truck pickup

Power Wheels Ford F150 ride on truck-- for MORE PHOTOS click photo above --

Specifications & Features

  • Amazon customer rating average 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Age range: 3 years old and up
  • Total rider weight limit: 130 lbs
  • 12V power, EXCLUSIVE “Monster Traction” with dual motors
  • Two forward speeds (2.5 and 5 mph) and one reverse to help them get out of any jam
  • High-speed lockout and Power Lock brakes for added safety
  • Roomy truck bed with real tailgate to hold all of their gear
  • Real FM radio so your kids can listen to tunes while they roll
  • Assembly time only about 1 hour
  • Dimensions: 28″H x 35″W x 62″D
  • Product weight: 92 lbs

Here’s Why Monster Traction “Knocks Out” The Competition

Unlike the cheap knock-offs or many top brand 12V or 6V ride ons, these official two seater battery operated Fisher Price Ford F150 trucks for kids aren’t limited by traction issues. With the “Monster Traction” feature (independent drive motors on both back wheels), when one tire starts to spin, the other digs in. 

This one tough truck will conquer grass, gravel, and even slopes in addition to pavement and concrete. (EDITOR NOTE – as happy purchaser Jason Pearce comments below “the vehicle really shines in high gear (Monster Traction) … virtually unstoppable … tackles anything we throw at it … “)

Take a look at this short kids Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 pickup ride on truck YouTube video and see some of the rough and tough terrain this kids F150 truck riding toy can impressively handle and master.

You Can Trust Power Wheels … Ride On Toy Brand Pioneer

Fisher Price is a division of toy icon Mattel and knows their way around battery operated ride on toys. They’ve been manufacturing the Power Wheels line of electric ride on trucks and cars for over 30 years. In addition to the safety features above you’ll also find ultra-realistic detailing — from cup holders right down to the real FM radio (complete with a fake microphone)—that will keep your children engaged in healthy, active, and inventive play for hours.

And these 2 seater F150 Power Wheels ride on toy trucks for boys and girls will definitely keep up with your little tykes and older kids too. With a powerful 12 volt battery, it can not only tackle the heaviest terrain but will run for hours. The rechargeable 12V battery should be charged for at least 18 hours the first time and subsequent charges can be handled by plugging in the battery charger overnight into a regular wall socket. Some customers have reported shorter subsequent recharge times when starting with a fully exhausted rechargeable battery versus being partially charged.

It comes in gender neutral black so don’t let the color dictate whether or not you’re going to buy this motorized Power Wheels truck for your little girl. No doubt she’d love hauling her dolls and other toys around in the bed just as much as boys do dirt and rocks!

Put your trust in the tried and true Fisher Price brand of power riding toys and buy this cool battery operated Power Wheels Ford F 150 with confidence. You won’t be disappointed nor will your little driver or tyke – as you’ll note from the kids in the YouTube Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 truck video above.

Something Important To Consider

If you feel this more powerful two seater 12V ride on toy will be a little too much for your little tyke to handle, there is a more tame one seater 6 volt F150 model – more info available here.

However, keep in mind that with the high-speed lock-out option on this 12 volt model you can keep things in check for your little driver until he is ready to crank it up a notch, plus this ride on vehicle will stick with your little boy or girl longer as they won’t outgrow it for some time unlike the smaller 6V model.

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From A Discerning Parent … WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

As a father of three, I’ve experienced first hand many toys and brands over the years and developed a keen sense of what is good value and not, based on such factors as price, quality, reliability, durability and what I call the “fun factor”, i.e. what keeps the interest and attention of the kids.

When it comes to electric ride on toy trucks for kids and ride ons in general, this black Ford F150 Power Wheels ride on truck model with “Monster Traction” is an excellent choice and one you will be happy with for many years to come.

Available below from the preferred and most trusted online merchant Amazon, the PROS and CONS of this cool and rugged kids Power Wheels Ford F150 pickup truck are as follows:


  • highly rated by Amazon customers with 4.4 out of 5 stars average and 60% giving it 5 stars
  • a Top Seller offering great value and Ford’s brand appeal
  • safe and durable Power Wheels quality
  • Monster Traction dual motors ensure your new F150 will go over almost any terrain
  • this ride on doesn’t suffer traction issues that keep other brands or models down
  • rechargeable 12V battery lasts for hours of fun and excitement for your children
  • high-speed lock out for additional safety of beginner drivers
  • purchasing from Amazon will give you customer service peace of mind and lock in immediate savings with the best discount sale prices. Check also for FREE SHIPPING


  • nothing significant noted
  • your little tyke might get a little dirty splashing through mud puddles and blazing wet grass!


This life-like Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 motorised ride on truck pickup is truly a top of the line kids power riding toy and your little driver will be feeling pretty proud about his or her “wheels” – perhaps just like dad, mom or their favorite uncle.

Where Buy Kids Power Wheels Ford F-150 Truck Ride Ons?

Based on our price monitoring, Amazon discount sale prices are usually the best and cheapest both online and compared to stores. If you are comparing Amazon to other sellers, be sure to include the often extraordinary and costly shipping charges of up to $100 charged by other sellers.

Don’t be fooled by a cheaper pre shipping “sale” price from another seller then end up paying way more overall. Free shipping is usually available from Amazon.

You can confidently buy the featured Power Wheels Ford F150 ride on truck “toy” from Amazon to save money, have piece of mind and also experience their exceptional customer service …. your tyke or little one will love it (and you)! Given the popularity of this item stock availability can vary.

Check availability and prices at Amazon and order to avoid the potential disappointment of missing out on giving that perfect Christmas, birthday or special gift to your son, daughter, grandchild or other special rider.

If Amazon is out of stock, check availability and sale prices at preferred online merchant Wayfair (rated A+ by BBB), which offers FREE SHIPPING.

If there is information you didn’t find on the website or you are interested in other powered riding toys for your kids, search on Amazon in the box below or above.

Happy riding!

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  1. Jason Pearce says:

    We purchased this for our 7 year old and 4 year old so they could ride in it together. We chose this Power Wheels vehicle over the Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade because it has a truck bed, and we thought the kids would enjoy putting their toys in there and collecting rocks, etc. on their off-road adventures.

    The vehicle really shines in High gear (which Fisher-Price calls Monster Traction), when both rear wheels are used for propulsion. The truck is virtually unstoppable in High gear. It goes up very steep hills, over rough terrain, gravel, cement, asphalt, anything we throw at it, and it does so with both kids riding in it and with toys in the truck bed.

    I am very pleased with this purchase, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 2-seater electric vehicle. Fisher-Price nailed it with their “Monster Traction” 2-wheel drive system, and I foresee this truck lasting our kids until they’re ready for their own real ATVs. Beyond the fun that this vehicle provides our children, it’s also teaching them the fundamentals of driving. Who could ask for more!?

    • DC Swetlow says:

      Hello Jason and thank you for sharing your experience.

      You are right on .. Monster Traction on this Power Wheels F150 ride on truck is what sets it apart from other ride on trucks, cars, toys and brands. It’s really a non brainer to maximize both the fun factor and value. Happy riding!