REVIEW: Kids Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade Ride On Truck by Fisher Price … Simply “Magic”

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Cool Kids Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade Truck

Cadillac’s long tradition of style and class continued with its Escalade SUV vehicle. Does this deluxe 12V battery powered childrens Fisher Price Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade ride on toy truck for kids (both boys and girls) capture the SUV’s real life “magic”? Our review explores this question and whether this 2 speed, 2 seater kids Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade riding toy for kids by Fisher Price is among the best selling ride on toys, cars, trucks and vehicles.

12V battery operated kids Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade ride on toy for boys or girls by Fisher Price. Fisher Price ride on trucks like this electric Cadillac Escalade riding toy car will deliver hours of fun ... childhood memories in the making!

Kids Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade Ride On Toy Truck by Fisher Price

Features & Specifications

  • Amazon customer average rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Age range: 3 to 10 years old
  • Rider(s) weight limit: 130 lbs
  • 12V battery system for more power
  • 2 forward speeds plus reverse gear
  • High-speed lockout & Power Lock brakes for beginner driver safety
  • Real FM radio for cruising tunes
  • Assembly time about 1 hour
  • Product weight:  approx 96 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25 x 35 x 51 inches
  • Colors available:  black / pink Barbie edition

Power Wheels Fisher Price Escalade ride on toy SUV truck

No Detail Too Small For Power Wheels Escalade

The attention to detail on these battery operated Power Wheels Escalade ride on trucks for kids is amazing. From the fake chrome grill and rims to the shiny plastic headlights and plastic molded seat designed to look like leather, this large-framed 2 seater ride on car with doors that open and close even features tinted “windows” to complete the “ultimate ride” for your child.  The real working FM radio will be hit too.

This 2 speed, 12 volt powered truck ride on toy can reach speeds of up to 5 mph in a forward direction and up to 2.5 mph in reverse. But don’t worry about your young boy or girl “getting away”.  There’s a handy high speed lock-out feature for beginners so you can limit the battery powered black Escalade ride on car to just 2.5 mph—perfect for little tykes just learning the ropes of life behind the wheel.

Ready To Roll With Heavy Duty 12V Power

Regardless of the name brand though, this kids power riding toy is a quality machine.  Manufactured to the Fisher Price company’s ultra-high standards, this highly rated Cadillac ride on toy truck for kids features a 12V power system that operates a heavy duty electric motor capable of transporting your tyke and a friend over pavement, gravel, and even grassy surfaces with ease.

Like almost all ride on toys though, these motorized Fisher Price Power Wheels Black Escalade ride on trucks for kids have smooth hard plastic wheels and could experience the odd traction issue, i.e. spinning tires on certain surfaces or grades if too wet. However, this issue ranges from none to some between different users and can generally be rectified by changing angle of travel direction. If needed or desired, traction bands can be purchased afterward to fit over the plastic wheels.

Perfect for Boys and Girls … Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Too

While trucks and SUVs have typically been marketed toward boys (and the men they grow into) this 12V black Fisher Price Cadillac Power Wheels Escalade ride on toy truck for kids is also perfect for little girls.  Whether taking Barbie for a cruise or trying to show up the boys, this quality electric Escalade riding toy for kids will provide hours and hours of fun and excitement.

The neutral sleek black color scheme and shiny fake chrome bling universally appeal to boys and girls alike.  However, if first choice is a girl’s 2 seater “pink-alicious” Barbie Cadillac Escalade ride on toy car – check availability here at Amazon. With limited production, finding one of these cute Fisher Price pink Escalade ride on car toys can be a challenge and can be considerably more expensive.

Built out of premium grade plastics designed to flex instead of break, no worry about your little tough guy destroying this motorised Fisher Price Cadillac ride on toy car.  The electrical components are also engineered to provide years of use to keep up with the body.  In fact, if you have more than one child, this electric SUV truck ride on toy would make the perfect hand-me-down a few years down the road!

Fisher Price Means Trusted Quality, Value & Peace of Mind

Though you may come across cheaper battery powered SUV truck or car ride ons, the Fisher Price name is worth a few extra bucks.  Power Wheels, the motorized Fisher Price ride on toys product line, isn’t the #1 battery operated ride on vehicles brand by accident (no pun intended) having sold and put 25 million kids vehicles “on the road” since 1971.

Don’t shell out good money for something that may breakdown in a few months or quickly lose the interest of your child. You won’t have to worry about these issues with this sleek black Escalade Fisher Price ride on truck for kids. In addition to being lab “Kid Tested”, this battery operated kids Cadillac ride on toy is backed by a comprehensive 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty for peace of mind.

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A Discerning Parent Reveals …. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

When it comes to buy an electric kids ride on trucks, this sporty black kids Cadillac truck ride on toy SUV is an excellent choice and you can’t go wrong.

Available here from Amazon, the PROS and CONS of this cool and classy looking motorized Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade truck for kids are as follows:



  • good value for money, highly rated and recommended by Amazon customers
  • safe and durable construction
  • life-like SUV truck stylings and fine attention to design and details
  • will deliver hours and hours of wide-eyed fun and excitement for your child
  • high-speed lock out feature gives parents option of additional safety of beginner drivers
  • purchase below with peace of mind with immediate saving  deals at Amazon, also look for free shipping


  • nothing of significance noted
  • potential minor traction issues on certain surfaces and slopes if really wet, however can be rectified with re-angling of travel direction
  • your little tyke driver or child may not want to park it at night for bedtime


Confidently buy this impressive Cadillac Fisher Price Escalade for kids from Amazon here to get the best discount sale prices…. your little one will love it (and you)! This is a top of the line kids power riding toy for any boy or girl.

Order now to avoid being faced with the potential disappointment of being unable to give the perfect birthday, Christmas or special gift to your special rider.

Happy riding!

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