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REVIEW: Top Seller RAZOR DIRT QUAD Kid Sized Ride On Vehicle ATV Dominates The Dirt, Razor Quad Delivers Fun

| 09/11/2010 | 1 Comments

Here’s why & how this battery powered kids Razor Dirt Quad ride on ATV vehicle excels off road & leaves competition in the dust. Razor Quad action starts where the pavement ends, quad around at up to 10mph … [READ MORE]

** REVIEW ** Battery Powered “Kids” Razor E100 Stand Up 24V Electric Scooter — A Dud Or Hours Of Cruising Fun?

| 01/11/2010 | 0 Comments

Kids can hardly wait until these electric ride on scooters are out of the box and fully charged to cruise on the sporty 2 wheel, 24V battery operated Razor E100 electric scooter ride on vehicle toy. The 24 volt battery system with a super quiet ride delivers speeds of up to 10 mph. BUT … is the E100 reliable and provide good value? Read on for the PROS and CONS of the Razor E100 and our overall evaluation and recommendation of whether or not to buy one for your children or yourself.