Hummer H2 & H3 Ride On

In the mid eighties Hummer’s Humvee ultra-rugged utility vehicle took over the venerable Jeep (General Purpose vehicle) role in United States Military actions. The military version of the Humvee was built huge, could go anywhere, and would withstand almost anything.

Due to popular demand, the Hummer company was born and the military Humvee became a civilian transport labeled the Hummer. Since then, two more generations of this widely popular all-terrain utility vehicle have launched, each more luxurious than the last. The modern H3 is a far cry from its military cousin but its heart and soul are still in the same place. It may be a much more flashy vehicle with chrome instead of armor plating but it will still go almost anywhere and do almost anything!

Not long after Hummer hit the open market, the company began manufacturing and licensing toys for children – including motorized ride on Hummers. Their toys, just like the vehicles, are known for their massive size, clean lines, and being rugged beyond belief. These official kids Hummer ride ons are no exception and they’re perfectly sized for even the youngest riders!

Get Official Hummer Products from New Star

Manufactured by New Star, these ride on toys are officially licensed by the Hummer company (a subsidiary of the General Motors Corporation) and feature high quality plastics that will stand the test of time (and your rambunctious young rider’s driving habits). They feature realistic engine sounds, working headlights, and forward/reverse switches to get your young driver out of any jam they get themselves into.

Also, you’ll get all the Hummer details that the knockoffs have to leave out, like the official Hummer color schemes, the brand name and logo, and Hummer’s trademarked chrome grill—because even young kids can tell the difference between the real thing and a wannabe.

New Star is an officially licensed manufacturer for battery operated kids Hummer ride on toys and they are far more affordable than the “deluxe” line offerings from competitors. So don’t let your little rider miss out, grab yours today because if your child wants a Hummer just like those he or she has seen on the streets (or if daddy wants to get his little boy or little girl an H3 just like he has or wants) then New Star is your go-to company.

Click here to view available kids Hummer ride on toys and let me help you find the right Hummer riding toy vehicle for your child or little rider.

By ordering one online you can conveniently get it shipped to you door while saving time and money.