Power Wheels Ride On Toys

Fisher Price—a Trusted Toymaker for 80 Years!

Power Wheels by Fisher Price

Being the #1 brand for kids battery powered ride on (BPRO) toys and having put over 20 million vehicles “on the road”, it’s a given when you’re looking to buy a battery operated ride on car, jeep, truck, quad, or motorcycle that you’d consider Fisher Price’s Power Wheels great and pioneering product line.

Chances are you’ll recollect plenty of Fisher Price toys when you were growing up. The company, a division of toy icon Mattel, has been around since 1930 and has been manufacturing some of the most iconic (and not to mention safest) children and infant toys around.

Kids Power Wheels Ford F150 Ride On Truck Car Toy For ChildrenTheir motto of “Play. Laugh. Grow.” summarizes their approach to the design, manufacture, and continued customer support behind every one of their products. That implied promise applies to their line of childrens motorized Power Wheels ride on vehicles just as it does any of their toys.

These Power Wheels ride ons are not only some of the most rugged you’ll find (manufactured from the highest grade materials including kid-friendly plastics that can take a beating) they’re built to grow with your children and be passed down over time. The electric motors will provide years of solid use and though the 6V or 12V batteries may need to be replaced over time, each is designed especially to give your new electric ride on toy for kids all the power it needs to let your little tyke or older kid, whether a boy or girl, to get up and go. Single seat and 2 seater models are available.

Childrens Ford Power Wheels Red Mustang Ride On Car Toy For KidsWith fun and innovative designs, including their updated deluxe line of ultra-realistic power riding toys for kids that look and feel just like Mommy’s or Daddy’s car, Fisher Price Power Wheels has truly raised the bar to the next level. Not only will you have a solid battery powered riding toy that will provide hours of entertainment but you’ll have one that’s specifically designed to help inspire your child’s imagination and build their little minds as it exercises their bodies. In addition, these battery operated ride on toys will teach valuable motor skills that will come in handy later in life!

They’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Fisher Price started with a line of just 16 wooden toys which they debuted at the International Toy Fair in New York City. Their unique designs not only revolutionized the toy industry, their whimsical nature has become the company’s hallmark, and every toy they design has that same childish innocence to it.

Kids Fisher Price Power Wheels Wrangler Jeep Rubicon Ride On Toy Truck For Children

Even as your young ones, either boys or girls, are rolling through or zooming around the backyard in their Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford F150 pickup truck, a pretty pink Barbie Power Wheels Mustang, a cool Jeep Wrangler, a black or purple Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade or some other kids or toddler ride on cars, jeep, truck, quad or Harley Davidson motorcycle, the little cartoony gestures like the oversized tires and the exaggerated cab compartment will be loved be all. These aren’t just design quirks. They’re specifically built to register with how your child naturally sees the world through their own eyes.

Power Wheels by Fisher Price

Though you might be looking to save as much as you can, sometimes buying the brand name is the only way to ensure your peace of mind. Fisher Price wouldn’t have climbed to the top of the pile of children’s toys if the quality of their products was lacking and they wouldn’t have stayed there for nearly a century if their customer support hadn’t been on the ball.

Power Wheels isn’t the #1 battery powered brand by accident having sold over 20 million ride on vehicles over the last 30 years. So when you buy Power Wheels by Fisher Price, you’re not just buying a toy. You’re buying a track record and a legacy.

Let Me Help You Choose – The Best Electric Ride On Toy For Your Kids, Grandchild Or Special Rider

Fisher Price Power Wheels Barbie Pink Mustang Ride On Car ToyPower Wheels offers a huge line of singe seat and 2 seater ride on toys – for toddlers and young kids – so finding just the right one to buy might be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Is it right for your child’s or little tyke’s age bracket? Would 6 volt or 12 volt ride on vehicles be best? Will it grow with them or be forgotten after their fourth birthday? Is it rugged enough for your little boy or appealing enough to your little girl?

Being a kid at heart and having years of experience as a father with these matters, I can help you make an informed choice and one you will be happy with for many years to come.

Have a look at the collection of best selling Fisher Price Power Wheels motorized electric ride on toys featured on here on and let us help you choose the best ride on car, jeep or vehicle for your little driver!

Happy riding!