CTM Homecare Products

CTM — an Unlikely Kids RideOn Toy Manufacturer

You wouldn’t think a company that got its start selling motorcycle components in the 70’s would become one of the best manufacturers of children’s ride on toys.

CTM was launched in 1975 and provided top-grade parts to Yahama and Suzuki for years before their expertise in electronics allowed them to pursue the creation of a branch specializing in home mobility options for elder and disabled users. Today, their line of power scooters and power chairs is one of the most cost-efficient around and provides thousands upon thousands of grateful folks with the freedom and mobility they deserve.

It was some quick thinking and ingenuity that pushed CTM into the manufacture of children’s toys. As an extension of their home mobility products, the children’s line first sprung up when the same motors used in power chairs were adapted to a use that was decidedly more fun. In fact, with a lineage in homecare products, CTM has become one of the most reliable ride on manufacturers around. Their motors and batteries are known for their strength and longevity so you don’t have to worry about getting an under powered ride on toy for your child.

Global Reach Means Better Prices for You

CTM is an international company in the truest sense of the word. They source their parts and raw materials from around the globe and employ workers in factories across the seas in order to deliver quality products at some of the lowest prices available.

Don’t think that this means they’re skimping on the quality though. In fact, CTM has been lauded multiple times for their manufacturing skill and innovation.

Though you might hesitate to buy a lesser-known brand, why should you pay for the Fisher-Price name when you just want a solid, reliable ride on toy for your child. Sure those deluxe models may have more bells and whistles but if your young driver is under a certain age, they’re probably not even going to notice them!

Not only that, the child-like designs of their ride ons make them inherently more “kid friendly” and encourage a more active imagination than do the ultra-realistic models.

Their continued commitment to quality and customer care has led them to expand their operations nationwide and grow their customer service department to new heights.

So don’t let yourself be fooled into “buying the brand.” Browse CTM’s line of children’s ride on toys today and find the one that’s perfect for your young rider at a price you’re comfortable with!