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After nearly 20 years in the high tech industry, I left the corporate world which has also enabled me to pursue my interest in online publishing and share my knowledge and experiences and  continue to do something I love – helping people and being a troubleshooter of sorts.

In the past I’ve helped build web-based companies including starting with a couple of colleagues. It was an innovative web platform that enabled a quality assessment and certification for local residential service providers, kind of like a JD Power or Consumer Reports for service companies. It was designed to help regular folks identify and be sure that they were dealing with reputable and the best service providers in their area while also saving time and money.

Reaching back further in time, one of my fondest childhood memories is the bright orange pedal tractor my parents bought me and how much fun I had “driving” around everywhere. The technological advancement of ride on toys has been amazing, with kids nowadays zooming around and having fun in safe and exciting electric powered “big people toys”- essentially high-tech versions of the pedal car I had as a child. You don’t have to look too far, maybe your own yard or just down the street, to witness the endless fun and smiles these miniaturized life-like ride on toys deliver.

With the increasing popularity and affordability of kids ride on vehicles, from many a discussion about ride on toys with family, friends and neighbours (everyday people like you) I’ve found that the same common questions arise – the pros and cons, best or most suitable models, trusted retailers, how much should one pay, etc. The typical sentiment is ” … wouldn’t it be great to find a trustworthy, reliable website with objective product reviews, multiple reputable brands, guaranteed sale pricing and delivery to your door so one could shop confidently and conveniently rather than wasting time running around to several  stores and / or needing to rely on spotty  info from multiple websites … “. Inevitably someone would also lament they wished these new amazing ride ons with all their cool gadgets were around when they were a kid. I guess there is a little bit of kid in all of us regardless of age.

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Truth be told, looking to buy a ride on toy can be an onerous, time consuming and frustrating task. If you go to the store, you get hounded by a salesperson looking for a quick sale or wind up getting stuck buying what limited stock or brands they have in stock — whether you really want it or not. If you turn to the Internet to shop, there are many websites and merchants selling ride on toys for kids but many of them are pretty cheesy-looking with: incomplete or poor information thoughtlessly slapped onto a web page, no sort of review system to help you as a consumer, existence of a privacy policy is unclear or not on website to view, limited or no contact info and trustworthiness isn’t a given.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy from a site that I didn’t trust – especially without an actual review of the product and an appropriate published privacy policy – and I doubt you would want to either. It’s also important to know not all brands and models are created equal regarding performance, reliability, durability and the fun factor, so good product reviews are a must.

My own frustrating online search and shopping experience, being a father and my days as a consumer champion inspired me to start to help you (and folks like you) find the right ride on toys for your kids or loved ones.

Browse the site and use the product reviews and recommendations to help you decide on the best battery powered ride on vehicle or toy you want for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece. With my background in the high tech industry where high standards and innovation are a given, you can have peace of mind with any product recommended on this site. Let me help you make an informed decision and get value for your money and a safe product from a reputable manufacturer. Then relax, kick back and watch childhood memories form and come alive before your eyes as your child or special little driver zooms around with that ride on car, truck, jeep, quad, tractor, motorcycle or electric scooter you have chosen especially for them.

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Happy riding!

DC Swetlow

CLICK HERE NOW for your FREE REPORT ** AVOID THESE 5 MISTAKES WHEN BUYING YOUR RIDE ON TOY **…. to receive important information you need to know